Alpha sign AG: The quickest way to the customer

"Communicating with our customers is now much easier than it used to be."


Company profile

Alpha Sign AG is a specialist in customised advertising technology. Since 1990, Alpha Sign has used state-of-the-art technology to design trade fair appearances, exhibitions, sales displays, company signs, vehicle signage and much more. 


Whatever industry a company is involved in, every service provider knows how important it is to respond to customer enquiries quickly and specifically. Alpha Sign AG uses a modern unified communications infrastructure to ensure optimum communication. Phone calls start at a click, callers are identified, and missed calls tracked. On the way to a new communications solution, the advertising specialist's Mac environment, of all things, proved to be the biggest challenge.

"XPhone enables us to save time and money, firstly because we can see who is calling as soon as the phone rings, and secondly – which is even more important for customer friendliness – because we can see whose calls we have missed."

Bruno Neuschwander, CEO Alpha Sign AG

Products used

  • XPhone Unified Communications
  • XPhone Virtual Directory
  • innovaphone IP302 (VoIP gateway)
  • Innovaphone IP222 (IP-phone calls)


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