Unified Communications by C4B for Apple Mac OS X and iPad


Mac users now also benefit from computer telephony integration (CTI), presence management, fax dispatch and receipt, a time- and presence-controlled voicemail system and other features.

C4B Com For Business, the specialist in Unified Communications (UC) solutions and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), is now also offering its XPhone Unified Communications 2011 software for Mac OS X environments, enabling Mac users to enjoy new functions for telephony and messaging. Apart from links to company-wide address data bases, these also include computer telephony integration, presence management, fax dispatch and receipt as well as an intelligent time- and presence-controlled voicemail system. The software is seamlessly integrated in the Mac environment and makes computer telephony and messaging functions available in programmes such as Apple Mail or the Apple address book, for example.


Central company address book for Mac users 

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 allows links to external data bases such as CRM or ERP systems in order to make contact data available in the Apple address book – even if it is distributed across various locations, data bases (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes) or special applications (CRM, ERP). Access to this central address book is via LDAP and is also possible using an iPhone or iPad.


Office phone controlled by Mac and iPad – Dial manually or using the mouse  

XPhone Unified Communications 2011 enables Mac users to avail of all CTI functions offered by the C4B solution via an intuitive user interface. This allows Mac or iPad users to simply control their phone calls manually or using the mouse. Phone numbers can be dialled and calls set up with land lines or mobile lines. Call pick-up, rejection or forwarding and conference calls are also possible this way. In the case of inbound calls, the software identifies the caller from the central contact data and displays the information on the Mac screen as it's ringing. Outbound calls can be made directly from the Apple address book or other applications. The call journal provides Mac users with information on all calls conducted as well as missed calls.

Mobile integration in telco environment

But iPhones and all other mobile phones can also be integrated in the telco environment. Thanks to the One-Number function, all employees use a single number for all inbound and outbound calls whether using their office phone or mobile enabling them to be reached at a single business number.


Presence management provides information on availability

Presence management enables Mac users to stay up to date as regards their colleagues' availability even if they do not use a Mac. Information is provided as to which colleagues are available throughout the organisation and across all locations and who is not. Users can change their presence status from any device (Mac, iPhone, iPad). This can be freely defined and attributed a call forwarding feature (e.g. forwarding to a colleague when on holiday) and changed by the user at any time.


Text messages and faxes on the Mac

Using XPhone Unified Communications 2011, Mac users can send fax documents directly from the e-mail programme. Faxes can also be received (PDF or TIFF) by e-mail. Even text messages can be easily sent using the e-mail client. On request, users can also be informed by text message of new faxes or voicemail messages received.

Time- and presence-controlled voicemail system for Mac

A professional answering machine offered by XPhone Unified Communications 2011 for Mac ensures optimum availability while supplying users with a professional voicemail tool for the office and mobile phone. Voicemail provides information on length of absence, office hours or offers callers the possibility to have their calls transferred. On the basis of the phone number, the voicemail system even recognises the country from which the call is originating and offers a greeting in the caller's respective language. Users are informed of new calls by e-mail and can listen to audio files directly or access messages remotely when out of the office.


Free webinars for partners

C4B conducts free webinars on the subject of "XPhone Unified Communications 2011 & Mac Integration" which are aligned towards partners, retailers and resellers. The seminars will take place on 19 and 25 May 2011.

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