XPhone Connect: Release for Windows 10


XPhone Connect, the latest UC solution from communications specialist C4B Com For Business, is now released for Windows 10 and Office 2016. Especially companies in the SME sector will benefit from the release: Licence and hardware costs can be reduced significantly when using Windows 10 as basis for the XPhone Server.

Mobile App Screenshot Mockup

More flexible application – lower hardware requirements: With the latest service release, XPhone Connect Client as well as XPhone Connect Server are approved for Windows 10. This enables C4B partners to approach companies in the SME sector with an even greater value proposition.

"The lower hardware requirements and reduced licence costs for the operating system play an important role especially for smaller companies when making investment decisions", C4B product manager David Williams explains. "Compared directly to a Windows server, companies with Windows 10 Pro as server basis can save approximately 65% of the costs." 

The Windows 10 release is simultaneously accompanied with the release for Office 2016. XPhone Connect is deeply integrated in the Microsoft applications: It can be used, for example, to set up telephone conferences directly in Outlook with one click and to manage them in the calendar. Presence and availability are displayed in all Microsoft Office applications and chats as well as telephone calls can be started directly in Outlook, Word & the like.

iOS, Android & Windows: Native app for all operating systems

Another focus of the Connect platform is the integration of mobile employees in the company communication. Native apps for iOS and Android were already available at product launch. With the latest release, Windows Phone users can now also use the XPhone Connect Mobile App: A beta version can now be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store. With the Mobile App, employees not only have access to the contact information from all connected data sources. They can make calls from their office number (one-number), seamlessly continue chats and see presence and availability of all colleagues at a glance. 

Contact information for Skype for Business & Cisco Jabber 11

In addition to being used as an end-to-end UC solution, XPhone Connect can also be used as complementary solution for existing UC applications. Various data sources such as ERP and CRM systems can be connected to Skype for Business as well as Cisco Jabber 11 using the central directory service XPhone Connect Directory. All contacts are then available for free text search directly in the client and are used for caller identification.


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