XPhone Connect Smart: C4B targets SME market

C4B Com For Business AG is expanding its portfolio: with XPhone Connect Smart, the communications specialist has put together a UC package especially for the small customer segment. The starting price for an XPhone Connect Smart Server including 5 user licences is 499 euros.

XPhone Connect Smart

München, 25 July 2018. A wide range of functions at a low price: with XPhone Connect Smart, UC manufacturer C4B now has a solution in its programme tailored precisely to customers in the SME segment. The starting price for XPhone Connect Smart is 499 euros: for this price, customers receive the XPhone Connect Smart Server and five Office licences. The package can be increased to up to 20 users for 89 euros per Office licence.

In addition to computer telephony (CTI) and chat, the Office licence includes the connection of up to three data sources. The contacts are flexibly available in the Client via free text search and are used for caller ID as well. Also included are Outlook and DATEV integration together with presence management and the Team-Panel. "The Team-Panel in particular offers tremendous potential for relieving staff," says Marko Gatzemeier, Director of Marketing at C4B. "For example, the switchboard has the presence and telephony status of all colleagues in view and can transfer calls with a click."

With the release for Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, the Smart Server can be installed on a regular PC. A key factor for C4B partners: XPhone Connect Smart has the same basis as XPhone Connect. Existing partners do not need additional training for installation and configuration. Customers also benefit from the unified platform: if a company grows or wants to use features that are not included in the Office licence (e.g. Mobile App or the conference call server), it can easily upgrade to XPhone Connect.

Minimal installation required

"It was crucial for us to provide a solution that is highly attractive to both our customers and our partners," says Gatzemeier. "The Smart Server is practically a light version of the familiar Connect Server. It can be remotely installed and set up – thanks to the installation wizard in only an hour." Second level support is provided directly by the distributors: currently, the Smart package and associated installation services can be ordered from KOMSA, ALSO and Herweck. If required, the Smart package can be extended by up to 5 years of "XPhone Up2Date" software assurance.

The new SME solution was presented for the first time at the C4B partner event "XPhone Unlimited". "That was an extremely exciting moment for us, of course. With the all-important question: how do our partners find the new package?" recalls Gatzemeier. "We've received extremely positive feedback for both the scope of the solution and the price, which can easily match manufacturer solutions. The response clearly confirmed our decision to focus more strongly on the SME market again."

Recently C4B systematically expanded the scalability of XPhone Connect, laying the foundation for large-scale projects in particular: an XPhone Connect Server can now be operated with 5,000 users. C4B is sticking to this strategy and plans to grow in both directions: "With XPhone Connect Smart, we now have an SME solution that is attractive to both partners and customers in every way," says Gatzemeier. "In parallel, we are continuing to expand the scalability of XPhone Connect."

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