C4B expands Mobile App

C4B Com For Business AG has published a new release of its Unified Communications solution XPhone Connect 6. In addition to caller ID in the Mobile App and a release for Android 7, C4B now offers its customers a stand-alone solution for fax and voicemail.

Munich, 17 October 2017. The Unified Communications manufacturer C4B Com For Business is championing mobility. With the latest XPhone Connect release, C4B has expanded its app with a key function: identifying incoming calls. "In principle, privacy protection prohibits the storing of company contacts on employees' mobile phones to any great extent," explains C4B CEO Michael Schreier. "Nevertheless, for employees on the road a lot in particular, it is of course essential that callers are displayed with their name and company."  The XPhone Connect Mobile App now offers this  identification – regardless of whether the contact is stored in Outlook, the CRM or the ERP system. The prerequisite is that the calls are received on the company number and are forwarded to the mobile number via AnyDevice.

The advantage of data access via app: contacts are always up to date and protected on the company server by the firewall. "This protection is not only available if the phone is lost or there is a malware attack," reports Schreier. "In addition it prevents other apps such as e.g. Messenger from poaching highly sensitive company contacts." With the new release of XPhone Connect 6, C4B is simultaneously releasing the Mobile App for Android 7 ("Nougat "). The Mobile App is also available for iOS.

Advanced application integration

XPhone Connect offers a direct interface to applications such as ERP or CRM systems with the AppLink Dashboard. The UC specialist has now expanded this interface further. "Communication in companies never takes place in isolation," says Michael Schreier. "We build the bridge to the applications that are crucial for daily work." With the new release, the transfer of communication and contact data to companies' own applications has been simplified. For example, all relevant data of a caller such as salutation, address etc. can be transferred via mouse click into a Word template or other documents. Standard processes can thus be significantly accelerated.

Fax & voicemail as a stand-alone solution

Another new feature is the use of fax and voicemail. These can now also be used without client-side installation. "There is no need to install any software on the workstation," Schreier emphasises. "Voicemail and fax are then no longer configured in the client, but in the browser." Deployment without a workplace installation is valuable in both high-security scenarios at banks and authorities as well as for the use of Unified Messaging in terminal server environments. Another option, says Schreier, is to use XPhone Connect to replace legacy Unified Messaging solutions that no longer meet current security and compatibility requirements. 

Enhancement of SAP integration & Outlook connection

In addition, C4B has expanded SAP integration: the transmission status of all faxes sent via XPhone Connect is now displayed in the SAP fax traffic lights. The possibility of connecting local and shared Outlook folders has also been enhanced. With the new release, local address books as well as public and shared mailboxes can be integrated on the client side. On the server side, in addition to Office 365 contacts, Outlook contacts can be connected as well.


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