New customer bonus for C4B partners

For every new customer won, UC manufacturer C4B Com For Business is now offering a bonus of up to €1,400. The amount of the bonus depends on software sales as well as the length of the Up2Date term. C4B distribution partners can benefit from the promotion until the end of the year.

Munich, 13 September 2018. To coincide with the release of XPhone Connect 7, UC manufacturer C4B Com For Business is launching a new customer campaign for its distribution partners: for every new XPhone customer, resellers can secure a bonus of up to €1,400. The bonus amount is initially based on software sales (excluding services). Partners who also sell the Software Assurance XPhone Up2Date can further increase the credit depending on the Up2Date term. 

XPhone Connect

"We're launching a big mailing campaign in the next few days," says C4B Marketing Director Marko Gatzemeier. "In addition to an information package about the new release, all partners will receive their first new customer vouchers." The resellers submit the completed vouchers with the order to the distributor. The value of the voucher will be deducted directly from the invoice after verification by C4B.

Unlimited number of vouchers

C4B partners can of course target their existing customers: "That's the famous low-hanging fruit: the new customer bonus applies to any company that has never used XPhone before – regardless of how long it has been our partner's customer," explains Gatzemeier. The number of new customers for whom resellers can claim the bonus is unlimited. Additional vouchers can be ordered at any time via the C4B Partner Portal. Vouchers can be submitted until 31 December 2018.

The new customer promotion follows on from C4B's successful upgrade campaign: "Over the last 18 months we've been focusing heavily on moving our existing customers up to XPhone Connect," says Gatzemeier. "With XPhone Connect 7 we are now concentrating entirely on new customer business once again."

C4B launched its latest release in July: a key feature of XPhone Connect 7 is the new Softphone, which covers the full range of CTI functions and can also be used in terminal server environments. 

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