Microsoft qualifies XPhone Essentials


Contact data integration put to the test: after extensive tests within the "ISV Lync Qualification" framework, Microsoft has qualified XPhone Essentials as Lync-compatible. XPhone Essentials is therefore the world's first Lync extension for data integration that has been classified accordingly by Microsoft. As a qualified solution, XPhone is listed from now on in the "Microsoft Solution Catalog".

Microsoft Lync Integration mit XPhone Essentials

After 69 faultless test cases, the Microsoft "ISV Lync Qualification" concludes: XPhone Essentials is compatible with Lync 2013. The tests focused on contact data integration of the Unified Communications solution. 

Background info: XPhone Essentials extends Lync to include numerous new features. The heartpiece of the software developed by the Munich-based communication specialist C4B is the contact data integration of all company contacts into to the Lync Client. Regardless of whether the contacts are distributed across various applications, locations or data bases: with XPhone, all contacts are bundled and can be accessed directly via the Lync Client as well as mobile end devices. Thanks to the free-text search, simply entering the name of the company, location or even a customer number suffices in order to achieve the requisite hits. Internal company contact data can be supplemented as required to include telephone or address book services. 

Advanced caller identification

Special data indexing minimises the strain on connected systems: data records are read directly from the original system, which means they are always up to date. Another key advantage for users lies in the extended caller ID feature: on the basis of connected applications such as ERP and CRM systems, callers are reliably identified on the first ring and their name and company shown.

XPhone Essentials is implemented on the server side and managed centrally. No modifications need to be made to workstation PCs. The data sources to be connected to Microsoft Lync can be easily matched using the Drag&Drop feature. Standard diagrams for matching data fields for common sources (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) are already predefined. 

XPhone in the "Microsoft Solution Catalog"

As a result of the successful "ISV Lync Qualification", Microsoft is now listing XPhone Essentials in the "Microsoft Solution Catalog" (category “Lync extensibility“): Microsoft Solution Catalog

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