Without headset into the home office

Whether laptop or headset: the market for home office hardware is virtually empty. Companies that would like to send their entire staff to the home office are failing to do so due to long delivery times. At least headsets are not a must: With the right solution, the private landline or mobile phone can also be used in the home office.  

XPhone Connect AnyDevice

Munich, May 4, 2020. Some companies may also fail because of a lack of will. Far more often, however, equipment shortages are the reason why some employees are still denied working from home. "Very few companies were equipped to send so many employees to the home office at once," explains Marko Gatzemeier, Marketing Director at Unified Communications specialist C4B Com For Business. As a result, bulk orders for any hardware needed for home office work have literally emptied the shelves.

"We've heard from many companies that they are desperately buying up individual remaining inventories of headsets," reports Gatzemeier. "However, there are very good alternatives for communication in the home office."

With its Unified Communications solution XPhone C4B offers besides a Softphone the function AnyDevice. Any landline or mobile telephone can be set up as AnyDevice: The user must do nothing more, than enter the telephone number of the desired device into its XPhone Client , so Gatzemeier. "Then he can control the device completely with his client."

One-Number thanks to Callback

If the user starts a call on the XPhone Client, the call is set up via callback procedure. This has several advantages: Only the office number is indicated to the interlocutor (One-Number) and also the call costs remain completely in the company. At the same time, the call is permanently held in the company´s telephone system: This means that all telephony functions are available to the user even with his private device, regardless of whether he wants to transfer the call to a colleague or start a conference.

At the same time the telephony status is displayed to colleagues. This is a great advantage, because: "Presence management is the real star in the home office: If you no longer see a single colleague, it makes work much easier to know whether colleagues are on the phone, in an appointment or taking a well-earned coffee break."

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