C4B makes a free test version of its LDAP XPhone Virtual Directory 2011 service available.


The software accesses contact data distributed across several locations, standardises it and generates a central company address book for a wide variety of end devices, applications and systems.

XPhone Virtual Director - LDAP Server, LDAP Directory

Germering-based Unified Communications and CTI specialist C4B now offers interested users and administrators a free test version of its current XPhone Virtual Directory 2011 middleware which can be downloaded from its Web site. The software can be used to its full functional scope for a period of 30 days. Alternatively, the software can also be used in so-called test mode without any time restrictions. In this case, the data is however made indecipherable.

Every company features distributed contact data. The software involves an LDAP-based directory service (LDAP server) which accesses all of this distributed contact data even if it is distributed across various locations, data bases or special applications. This data is standardised and made available as a central company address book for a wide variety of end devices, applications and systems. A central Web-based address book for use in company intranets is also included. Apart from use as an extension of CTI or Unified Communications solutions, users can also access this central address book directly from LDAP-enabled office and mobile phones, making it possible to use contact information from customer data bases (CRM) and merchandise information systems (ERP) in and out of the office. Virtual Directory allows users to access this contact data even if they do not have access to the data bases and/or applications in which the data is stored. With the result that the secretarial pool can query contacts and phone numbers in an ERP system without even using the ERP software.

Access to practically all data sources

Access to the data sources is provided by an LDAP interface. Regardless of whether the contact data is stored in SQL data bases, CSV or XML files, CRM or ERP systems, a Microsoft Active Directory or other sources – Xphone Virtual Directory enables practically any data source to be accessed. Even public or personal Outlook contact folders can be linked this way. A setup wizard helps to add new data sources, swiftly and easily, without necessitating any prior programming skills and data base fields are simply allocated using the drag & drop feature.

No duplicate data retention

Unlike other directory services, XPhone Virtual Directory always directly accesses the original data. This does not require replicating data with the result there is no duplicate data retention. This also ensures that the data accessed is always up to date.

Single sign-on and safe access

The software supports Windows authentication which means that users are automatically identified as soon as they sign on at their computers. It is also possible to individually specify which employee is authorised to access what data sources. Authorisations are allocated on the basis of Active Directory users and security groups. SSL-coded access is possible via LDAPS.

Optimum performance

An integrated index enables fast, flexible and easy searches such as those offered by conventional search engines. Recurrent searches are buffered by the integrated cache providing users with even faster access to the relevant information while relieving the strain on original data sources.

Licensing and availability

The XPhone Virtual Directory service is available at two configuration levels – Basic and Advanced. The system licence for company-wide usage is available for as little as 499 Euro (net RRP). Distribution is via specialist telco retail outlets and distributors Komsa and Itancia.

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