Telephony and communication solutions from C4B now compatible with DATEV pro


C4B, a Unified Communications solutions and CTI software specialist, has announced the availability of XPhone Unified Communications 2011 and XPhone Express 2011 for DATEV pro workstations.

C4B, a Unified Communications solutions and CTI software specialist, has announced the availability of XPhone Unified Communications 2011 and XPhone Express 2011 for DATEV pro workstations. Tax consultants, auditors and lawyers using DATEV pro thereby avail of an efficient telephony solution which designs communication with clients and contact persons more efficiently and improves work processes in legal firms. The XPhone solutions offered by C4B are seamlessly integrated in the DATEV pro user interface as well as in many other applications and use the existing PBX and IT infrastructure.

"In future, DATEV will be concentrating on optimum links between telephony functions and DATEV pro applications. This is the core area in which only DATEV is capable of offering maximum benefits for its customers while the actual telephony functions are better provided by CTI external products. DATEV also supports the XPhone products distributed by C4B. To this aim, the Design Departments in both companies collaborated very closely."

Facilitating work processes

By integrating XPhone solutions with DATEV, many processes within organisations can be simplified. When calls are received, information such as roles (e.g. client), file contents (from Datev Anwalt) or master data can be displayed, for example. What's more, context-related links can be used for swiftly and easily recording appointments, tasks and times.

Using telephony functions with DATEV pro

Users can avail of extensive telephony functions. Callers are identified as soon as the phone rings. An info window on the PC opens automatically and delivers all of the relevant information on the caller once the conversation starts – directly from the DATEV pro master data. One click is all that is required for making phone calls directly from the DATEV pro user interface and controlling the office phone. Phone calls, consultation calls, swap holds, connecting calls and conferences are only a click away.

Thanks to the call journal, users can see when and with whom they have spoken to last as well as what calls remain to be handled. The XPhone solutions automatically ensure that this information is transferred to the Datev software. This way, DATEV pro users avail of a comprehensive history on phone calls conducted with clients. This information can then be used for settling phone consultation services, for example.

Controlling appointments and tasks in DATEV pro

Thanks to the fact that DATEV pro appointments and tasks are synchronised with Outlook, presence status can be automatically adapted in XPhone UC 2011. Accordingly, the voicemail function is activated for appointments and callers automatically receive information on how long the contact person will be out of the office. It goes without saying that presence status can also be adapted by mobile phone if appointments last longer than planned.

Using DATEV pro to access master data when out of the office

The XPhone solutions also enable safe mobile access to DATEV pro master data without data being saved on the mobile end device. This way, data can also be utilised when out of the office but without the risk of ending up in the wrong hands if the mobile gets lost.

Access to DATEV pro master data and making calls with Microsoft Outlook

The XPhone solutions also seamlessly integrate in the Microsoft Outlook user interface, thereby enabling users to access contact data saved in DATEV pro. At a click of the mouse, calls can also be made directly from the Outlook interface.

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