CTI software with direct connection for Siemens and Cisco phone systems


C4B provides CTI software for Siemens and Cisco telephone systems with direct connection. The CTI software XPhone Express 2011 from C4B can connect without TAPI interface directly via CSTA or uaCSTA protocol.

C4B, a leading provider of CTI software and unified communications solutions, introduced in August 2011 XPhone Express in the market. This CTI-standalone software solution for small companies and offices with up to ten employees can significantly improve the communications and daily work processes. The CTI software can now connect directly to Siemens and Cisco phone systems via CSTA and uaCSTA protocol. CSTA and uaCSTA are standardized protocols for data traffic between a telephone system and computer programs. TAPI driver are no longer needed, which simplifies the use of CTI solutions. The connection to other telephone systems known manufacturers is possible as usual via TAPI interface.

XPhone Express 2011 can be connected directly to Siemens OpenScape Office, HiPath 3000 and UC500 and Cisco to CallManager. The use of additional TAPI driver is no longer needed by using the CSTA protocol with Siemens (for up to six simultaneous users) or uaCSTA protocol with Cisco PBX. Specifying the IP address of the phone system is enough. The establishment of XPhone Express is simplified. The users are no longer dependent on the availability of 32/64 bit TAPI drivers.

The software allows you to connect up to ten locally or centrally existing contact databases or address books. It can be used with all major telephone systems and is an ideal addition to any new or existing telephone system. A wizard provides an easy and fast setup. The CTI-software can be installed quickly and easily without technical know-how. XPhone Express is now available at a price of € 79.00 for the standalone version.

Free trial version

C4B offers interested users the opportunity to test the software for free.

Compatible telephone systems:

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