CTI-Software XPhone Express 2011 from C4B sets new standards in the SME market


 CTI-Software XPhone Express 2011 from C4B sets new standards in the SME market

New CTI-Software XPhone Express will be available from the 12th September 2011.

XPhone Express Client Montage

C4B Com For Business AG, a leading provider of CTI and unified communications solutions, introduces XPhone Express 2011, a new CTI solution for single users. XPhone Express 2011 provides small businesses and offices with up to ten employees with a powerful and easy to use phone software solution that improves communication and daily work processes. Users benefit from a comprehensive range of services that can compete with large CTI solutions. The CTI software can be combined with existing contact databases and connect nearly all major telephone systems. The out-of-the-box solution comes with a configuration wizard. The software can be installed quickly and easily without technical know-how. XPhone Express is from 12 September 2011 available on the market at a price of € 79.00 for the standalone version.

Phone Calls with XPhone Express 2011

The new development XPhone Express replaces the previous version XPhone standard. It includes comprehensive telephony features. The office phone can be controlled from a single interface. The software allows easy and intuitive use. The use of cordless or corded headsets for office phones is possible. Besides the basic telephony functions supports XPhone Express also added features such as consultation hold, call waiting, transfer calls, conference calls or setting the call routing with just one click. Callers will be identified even when the phone rings. A pop-up provides all relevant information about the caller before the call begins and even shows a photo to the contact. Call journals give an overview of all telephone calls and assist with the planning of call lists. Frequently used contacts can be stored and grouped under favorites.

Making Calls with Microsoft Outlook

The solution is fully integrated into the user interface of Microsoft Outlook. All connected address books can be searched with Outlook. Access to address data that are not stored in Outlook, is possible. Calls can be made from Outlook with just one click. XPhone Express 2011 can recorded all telephone calls in private or public Outlook journal folders.

Integration of address books and contact details

XPhone Express can be up to ten address books easily linked with of any format, regardless whether the data sources are stored locally or centrally. A wizard binds contact databases, other groupware solutions such as Tobit David or phone book CDs with a few mouse clicks in the software. XPhone Express can handle almost any phone number formats regardless of how the numbers in the address books are saved. The solution also supports the connection to XPhone Virtual Directory. XPhone Virtual Directory is a software that allows quick and easy access to all company contacts - even if they are distributed to different locations, databasesor special applications. The contact will then be provided in a unified form as a central corporate address for XPhone Express.

Connection to telephone systems

XPhone Express 2011 supports almost all major telephone systems and is therefore an ideal complement to any new or existing pbx system. The computer is connected via TAPI with the telephone system. The start succeeds smoothly and quickly - without having technical expertise. New is that Cisco and Siemens HiPath telephone systems can even be connected directly by CSTA, without TAPI driver.

Integrate applications and create efficient workflows

Communication processes can be self-designed with XPhone Express 2011.

A wizard for connecting applications helps to integrate almost all local and hosted applications in the daily work processes. With a simple set of rules can will defined precisely which actions by incoming or outgoing phone calls are executed. With one click are passed caller informations into letter templates, forms or memos. On incoming calls, the CRM, ERP or help desk system with the data of the caller will be displayed. Employees save time while searching contact information and can respond more quickly to the real concern of the caller.

System Requirements

XPhone Express is available for the operating systems Windows 7 Professional (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista Business and Windows XP Professional. The use of Windows terminal servers is possible. Windows Office (from 2003) and Microsoft Outlook (2003) are also supported and the integration of contact data is available through Microsoft Access, ODBC databases (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2), LDAP directories, David.fx and phone book CDs possible.

Price and Availability

XPhone Express 2011 is available as a single licence or as a package for five or ten users. Upgrade from XPhone XPhone Standard V2/V3 to Express 2011 is also possible. The software will be available from the 12th September 2011 in retail and through distribution. The sales price for single-user version is 79 €.

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