C4B with revised partner programme


C4B, a specialist in Unified Communications solutions and CTI software, has been revising its partner programme since the beginning of the year. The aim of this overhaul is to qualify partners even better and develop technical know-how enabling perfect installations of XPhone solution at the clients' and adapting them to their individual requirements.

In the future, more focus is to be directed towards partner qualification and client satisfaction when distinguishing between the C4B "Gold" and "Silver" partner levels while less priority will be attributed to the turnover achieved by partners. "It will be increasingly important for speciality partners to retain customers over the long term", explains Marko Gatzemeier, Marketing Manager at C4B. "This is particularly possible with solutions which can be applied universally and which harmonise across various platforms with telco systems offered by a wide variety of manufacturers. What's more, it is important that our partners avail of qualified employees. And this is where our training measures come in. We wish to enable our partners to achieve maximum added value in the form of their adaptation services."

New 2012 training programme for communication heroes

In order to achieve these goals and provide partners with optimum support, C4B is investing extensively in its training programme. The training offers have been entirely revised and increased considerably. For the first time, the company is now offering training options at six different locations in Germany and Austria (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna). For partners, this means they can have their employees trained locally in the various regions, thereby saving on travel and accommodation costs.

"We are anticipating two effects as a result of our new training programme: the hurdle associated with training employees is to be overcome while increasing the attractiveness for dealers in the form of offering several locations", is how Marko Gatzemeier explains the new concept.

During the three-day XPhone UC Inside or XPhone UC advanced training courses, ICT dealers learn everything they need to know for installing, configuring and adapting XPhone solutions to client requirements. Technicians should be capable of realising even more complex projects and providing their clients with professional consulting services which can then be applied with the aim of establishing long-term relations with clients as well as achieving additional added value while improving client benefits. The result: satisfied customers. And this satisfaction is also reflected among the partners.

Online training (XPhone UC Starter) including free NFR licences

C4B will also continue to offer free online training in 2012 thereby enabling new partners to avail of swift access to its communications solutions. Online training courses are eminently suitable for familiarising users with the functions and efficiency represented by these solutions. After participating in an online training course, partners receive free NFR (Not For Resale) licences for their own companies, thereby offering them the opportunity to extensively test and familiarise themselves with the software and demonstrate it to their own clients. 

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