C4B lays foundation for more growth

Spades and diggers instead of bits and bytes: instead of a new software release, UC specialist C4B Com For Business AG is building its first office complex. The location remains Germering in the west of Munich. But apart from that, a lot is set to change with the move at the end of 2022...

Munich, 23 August 2021. The groundbreaking ceremony was a success: with a hefty swing of the spade, last Thursday the C4B joint CEOs Bernd Woköck and Stephan Krä laid the foundation stone for C4B Com For Business AG's new office building. "In the past 22 years, the company has moved twice to create space for the growing team," says Stephan Krä. "For the next growth spurt, we want to reward ourselves with our own office building."

Swinging the spades: Daniel Ristow (Haas Fertigbau), Germering's deputy mayor Manuela Kreuzmair, Stephan Krä and Bernd Woköck (both C4B)
Swinging the spades: Daniel Ristow (Haas Fertigbau), Germering's deputy mayor Manuela Kreuzmair, Stephan Krä and Bernd Woköck (both C4B)

The new, three-storey building is being built in the north of Germering. Except for a brief interruption, the UC specialist has been based here since 1999. "The location and transport links are perfect for us," emphasises Krä. "One commuter train, two motorways: it's crucial for us that our employees can get to the office easily."

Meanwhile, how often employees make this journey is up to them. "At C4B we have always worked very flexibly. We don't build software enabling location-independent working for nothing. But in the last year we have also learned a lot: in the meantime, each team decides for itself how and where the individual team members work," says Krä.

Accordingly, there will be significantly more flex workplaces in the new office building than is the case today. Until the move in at the end of 2022, the software manufacturer is trying out different concepts for booking the workplaces. While many businesses hope "flexible seating" will result in a reduction in office space and lower rental costs, C4B is planning for significantly more seats in the new office. Space that is urgently needed: "Since the beginning of the year we have taken on twelve new employees and want to maintain this course for the next few years," emphasises Krä. The flex worksplaces will also create additional space for brain labs or think tanks, he adds, that could be run in cooperation with local IT companies.

Sustainable basis

During planning, the focus was on building as ecologically and sustainably as possible. The UC specialist's new home meets the renewables requirements of the German Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings category BEG Efficiency House 40 EE. Charging stations for electric vehicles will be available in the underground car park. The power for this will come from the company's own solar plant. The most important "detail" is also on the roof: "Right at the start there was a staff survey about what we absolutely had to take into account when planning the building. After the answers were amazingly unanimous, it is fair to say that we planned the entire building around the roof terrace," says Krä with a grin.

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