TELES and C4B agree on development and sales partnership


TELES and the Munich-based telecommunications specialist C4B Com For Business have agreed on a strategic collaboration. The goal is to combine the outstanding competence in cloud telephony offered by TELES with Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions offered by C4B.

"Together, we create an integrated and convenient communication platform for network operators and business clients which is entirely independent of the telephone availed of by the respective user", claims Oliver Olbrich, Chief Operating Officer at TELES. "With our virtual IP-Centrex PBX and the solutions offered by C4B, we combine local corporate applications and processes with business telephony, thereby providing our business clients' employees with additional convenience while offering network operators a standalone feature and real added value when selling innovative telecommunications solutions."

"Joining forces to close the gap"
"The disadvantage of many cloud telephony services is their lack of integration in local applications such as Outlook or ERP systems", explains Michael Schreier, CEO at C4B. "From the users' perspective, this coexistence by business applications and telephony leads to unnecessary and time-consuming procedures. Together with TELES, we close the gap between cloud applications and those which are operated locally, thereby achieving a unique advantage for users."

Apart from the development of interfaces for combining Web-based PBX systems with business applications, TELES and C4B will also co-operate at sales level in order to convey to customers the practical and extensive advantages of virtual PBX systems.

Virtual PBX systems are asserting themselves
Cloud- or Web-based PBX systems have spread fast among companies. The advantages they offer – especially for SMEs – are blatantly obvious: with the exception of end devices, companies handling telecommunications online no longer need to invest in a separate infrastructure, enabling them to save on administration costs and procure tailored voice applications more reasonably via the IP network.

The next development stage involves user-friendly integration of business applications and telephony control via the computer (Computer Telephony Integration, CTI).

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