XPhone Connect 9: That is new!


XPhone Connect 9: That is new!

The last two years have made one thing clear: work does not need a fixed place .
That's why we're giving you even more freedom of movement with our latest XPhone release!
With our Mobile Softphone you can use your office number to make calls from anywhere in the world via WLAN or the mobile networks.

XPhone Connect 9

Internet telephony in the app


We have given our app a softphone. Where you previously had to set up a callback to make calls via the company, you can now simply use WLAN or the mobile network. So not only are you available everywhere under your office number. Whoever you are talking to will also only see your office extension number.

Of course, you are also completely mobile during your calls: switching between WLAN, 5G, 4G and 3G or between different WLAN access points is equally as smooth.

And if you happen to get caught in a dead spot, the Softphone automatically restores your connection.

Thanks to the extensive call control functions, the XPhone app is also suitable as a DECT replacement:

  • Hold/mute
  • Consultation
  • Forward (after call acceptance)
  • Swap hold
  • DTMF tones
  • Loudspeaker
Softphone Mobile
Softphone Desktop

Payload separation


Not only the Softphone in the app gives you flexibility. The Softphone on your Desktop Client also allows you to set up your laptop (and thus your workplace) anywhere you like.

To ensure your voice quality doesn't suffer when your VPN is under load, XPhone Connect 9 offers the option of routing the audio stream past the VPN. For optimal softphone telephony in HD audio.


XCC satellite


Speaking of our Softphone: it's controlled by the XPhone Call Controller (XCC). Just like our hotline management TeamDesk and AnyDevice. The XCC thus forms the heart of the XPhone Server.

Now you can "transplant" this heart. Use the new option to move the XCC to a Linux satellite and place it in the DMZ. 

At the same time, you can use the Linux satellite to increase the expansion stages of Softphone and TeamDesk.

Office 365


Do you use Office 365? Then now you can enjoy complete XPhone integration. The XPhone client syncs your Office 365 calendar and sets up the desired call forwarding if required.

In addition, you can create and edit XPhone meetings in Office 365 via XPhone Client. XPhone profiles (categories) are also automatically synced with your Office 365 account.

And last but not least, call alerts already containing the caller data can be sent via Office 365 as well.


Flexible Team-Panel

XPhone Connect Team-Panel

Many of our customers are fans of the Team-Panel – it offers a particularly comprehensive overview of the availability of entire departments.

Now you can not only flexibly put the contacts together in the individual tabs, but also arrange them as you wish.

Simply drag and drop the contacts to the desired location and, if desired, give them an appropriate label.

In this way, for example, seating plans can be mapped or different teams can be clearly combined. Everything just the way you like it.


Redesigned: the Dashboard Designer


We are convinced that a communication solution is most valuable when integrated with core applications such as ERP or CRM systems.

Our dashboard enables this integration by displaying key information from all connected applications and allowing jumps to the corresponding applications to be defined.

To make this added value even better and easier for you to use, we have completely redesigned our Dashboard Designer so it guides you step by step through the creation of your dashboards.

Always in focus: intuitive operation.

Dashboard Designer

Whether TeamDesk configuration, additional hotkeys or the improved One-Number concept: there are many more innovations to discover.
Our presentation gives you an overview.

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