New release: the web meeting grows


New release: the web meeting grows

A new patch release (V8.0.450) is now available for download. Among other things, the release contains some fixes for the hotline management TeamDesk (details: see Release Notes).

In addition, we are expanding the Web-Meeting. While the maximum number of participants in a Web-Meeting was previously limited to 10, up to 25 guests can now take part in a meeting. The total number of participants has also been doubled (from 50 to 100).

Screen-Sharing has also been expanded: your own screen can now be shared with up to 25 XPhone Connect users at a resolution of 1080p. Please note that the number of possible viewers can decrease significantly if one is in a VPN.

An overview of all innovations & fixes can be found in our Release Notes.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum number of participants depends on upload bandwidth, CPU & RAM. If all requirements are met, the max. number of participants is calculated as follows.

  • Maximum number of participants in total: 100
  • Maximum number of participants in one Web-Meeting: 25
  • Maximum number of meetings: 25

Resolution & Bandwidth

Recommended maximum resolution of the presenter: Full-HD 1080p. 

1080p content



PPT (Page change every 60 seconds)

0 kBit/s

100 kBit/s

Working together on a document 

0 kBit/s

300 kBit/s


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