New release: Presence syncing with Microsoft Teams


New release: Presence syncing with Microsoft Teams

Support for Plantronics Hub & Jabra Direct | New Apple Push Notification Service


With our new release, XPhone Connect & Microsoft Teams enter into an intensive liaison: thanks to bidirectional presence syncing, if an XPhone user is also using Microsoft Teams, both clients recognise when a call is being made in the other. So there are no disruptive XPhone calls during a Teams session – and vice versa.

What else is new?

  • This update supports the new Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) for iOS devices. The existing push service is only expected to be supported by Apple until the end of March 2021.
  • XPhone now supports Plantronics Hub and Jabra Direct for enhanced integration of Poly (Plantronics) and Jabra headsets.
  • TeamDesk | Team members can now cancel or set their own assignment via the context menu of a hotline. Team leader rights are required for this.

An overview of all new features & fixes can be found in our release notes.

Präsenzabgleich mit MS Teams

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