Patch Release 7.0.236 SR1


Patch Release 7.0.236 SR1

Outlook meetings can be set up again with additional moderators and by alternates.


The following bugs have been fixed with the patch:

  • When new meetings are set up in Outlook, additional moderators can be appointed again. (8873)
  • Meetings in Outlook can be set up again by alternates. (9129)
  • During client-side calendar synchronization Series conferences are fully synchronized again. (7483)
  • HID control for call control buttons on headset (7101)
  • Autostart of XPhone on terminal servers only for XPhone users. (8815)
  • DATEV: The end of a call is signalled in all cases. (7838)
  • DATEV: When dialing from DATEV, the contact data (name, ID, data source) is correctly transferred to XPhone again. (7837)
  • DATEV: Support of mixed operation between alternative Data sources and Datev data sources (9131)

Microsoft Outlook

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