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New Micro Release V9.0.164


New Micro Release V9.0.164

New features for Softphone Mobile & TeamDesk


XPhone Connect 9 is getting an update – and with it a whole range of new, exciting functions. For example these:

  • Softphone Mobile: the selected contact's presence status is now displayed before connecting or consultation.
  • There is a new base image for the externally located XCC: the image is now also delivered in SCSI format and supports VMware tools. The advantage? The SCSI image can be run in the VMware cluster and thus enables failsafe operation.
  • The TeamDesk status (Ready | Follow Up | Logged off) can be displayed in Team-Panel and Contacts via an advanced setting.
  • The same applies to the academic degree.
  • Backend: the overview page for the dialling parameters has been optimised. And the fallback scenarios for Softphone Mobile & Desktop can now be set via PowerShell.
  • And last, but somehow not by any means least: emojis & icons are now displayed in the status in colour. 😊

Softphone Mobile

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