Softphone for Logitech headsets

Retire your phone: with the XPhone Connect Softphone you can also use all CTI functions with your Logitech headset.

The Logitech H650e has been tested by C4B. Below you will find the features that - depending on the correct configuration and the corresponding drivers - are available with the headset. 

Please note: even headsets that have not been tested by us may well be compatible with our Softphone. If you’d like to put a model to the test, we will gladly provide you with test licences to try it out yourself.


Supported functions



Accept/hang up
(on the device)

(display on the device)

(display on the device)

Mute function
(turn on/off on the device)

(display on the device)

Logitech H650e

Funktion vorhanden

Funktion vorhanden

Funktion vorhanden

Funktion vorhanden

Funktion vorhanden


Funktion vorhanden     Function is supported by Softphone
Funktion nicht vorhanden     This function can not be technically supported by Softphone.
n/a The device does not offer this function.

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