Running upgrades



1. Download and install software

First download the XPhone Connect software: To download

Install the software. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

Note: If you wish to upgrade XPhone UC or XPhone Corporate, the XPhone Connect software must be installed on a new separate system.

Under no circumstances should you run a hardware swap! 

This would mean that your upgrade licences could no longer be allocated to your system.

2. Determine MAC address and/or hardware ID

Upgrading your XPhone software requires the MAC address and/or hardware ID of the system to be upgraded. Only then is it possible to allocate your upgrade licences to your XPhone system.

Upgrading XPhone Unified Communications, XPhone Virtual Directory, XPhone Essentials or Octopus Desk

Determine the MAC address (physical address) by opening the command line on your current system and entering the following command:

ipconfig /all

Please note the MAC address. This is required for allocating your new licences to the existing system. Without it, an upgrade is not possible.


Upgrading XPhone Connect

The hardware ID can be found in the administration interface of the XPhone Connect server at:

System settings > Licences > Licence management > Import licence package

Please note the hardware ID.


3. Call & activate licences

Licence code to hand

You require the licence code to access your upgrade licences. You can find it in the licence certificate which you received by e-mail.


Open licence management

Licence management for XPhone Connect is directly integrated in the administration interface of your XPhone server. This is available via the following menu (recommended):

System settings > Licences > Licence management > Manage licence package online


Enter licence code

Click Nextand enter your licence code before clicking Next.


Select existing customer

After selecting the Existing customer option, the query appears for determining the licence holder.

Select Determine licence holder via MAC address or Determine licence holder via hardware ID.

Enter the MAC address or hardware ID and click Next.


Licence holder details

You will now be shown the details on the licence holder entered when registering the software which you can now supplement if necessary.

Supplement the details and then click Next.


Add licence code for upgrade licences

Please enter your licence code and click Add. If you have several licence codes, please enter all of them here.


Select systems to be upgraded

Your XPhone system can comprise one or more XPhone servers. Please select the server to be upgraded and then click Next.


Confirm entries

After entering all of the licence codes and selecting the system to be upgraded, you will receive a summary of all details.

Click Next to conclude the licence request or click Back to change your entries again.


Activate the licences

After clicking Next, please confirm that the details are correct and then click Generate and install licences.

Then the licences are called and installed directly in your XPhone Server.


Alternatively, you can open licence management for XPhone Connect here.

You can then import your licence file (.xml) in the administraton interface under
System settings > Licences > Licence management > Import licence package

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