XPhone Server expanding to include licenses



Access & activate licenses

License code to hand

You require your license code in order to access your new licenses for your existing XPhone Connect system. You can find it in the license certificate which you received by e-mail.


Open license management

Integrated license management can be found directly in the administration interface of your XPhone Connect Server. This is available via the following menu:

System settings > Licenses > License management > Manage license package online


Please enter the license code.

Click Next and enter your license code.


Enter additional license codes

License codes already accessed or not will be displayed.

You can enter additional license codes here. Once you have completed your entry, please click Next.


Activate the licenses

After clicking Next, please confirm that the details are correct and then click Generate and install licenses.

Then the licenses are accessed and installed directly in your XPhone Server.


Alternatively, you can open license management for XPhone Connect here.

You can then import your license file (.xml) in the administraton interface under
System settings > Licenses > License management > Import license package

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