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How can I avoid long internal number lengths with XccGatewayInPrefix?


If AnyDevice is configured in XPhone Connect Server via XccGatewayInPrefix, long internal call number lengths may occur under certain circumstances, as these are made up of the prefix and the extension. So it is not unusual that the internal call number length can be e.g. 7 or more (three digit prefix, four digit extensions). How can I still keep the short internal number length?


To keep the internal number length at the actual extension length, certain dialing parameter special rules must be configured in the dialing parameter of both the fixed network gateway and the SIP gateway. After configuring the dialing parameter rules, a restart of the SIP gateway is required.

Initial situation

Dialing parameters

Country code: 49
Area code: 89
Main phone number: 840798
Internal number length: 3

XccGatewayInPrefix: 99

Call up the dialing parameter special configuration via the XPhone Connect Server Manager under "Tools > Dialing parameter special configuration". The login is identical to the administration interface.

Then add the following rules to the corresponding dialing parameters:

Dialing parameters Fixed network gateway


Value 1: ^00498984079899([0-9]{3})$


Dialing parameters SIP gateway

Value 1: ^00498984079899([0-9]{3})$

If the PBX should signal the phone number in the To header of the SIP-Invite in internal format (e.g. 99123) during an incoming call, the following rule is additionally necessary:

value 1: ^99([0-9]{3})$
Value 2: +4989840798$1

* The PhoneToDisplay rule is only necessary if the PBX sends the phone number in the To header in this format (99123). Depending on how the system sends the phone number, the rule must be adjusted or can be omitted altogether.



The SIP gateway must be restarted for the changes in the dialing parameters to take effect. To do this, proceed as follows:

1) Highlight the SIP gateway and click on "Diagnostics".

2) Click on "Restart connection to SIP trunk".


1) Edit the SIP gateway and check "Disabled", then save the SIP gateway.

2) Wait until the SIP gateway has turned "gray".

3) Once the SIP gateway is "grayed out", you can uncheck "Disabled" and save the SIP gateway.

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