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Why are Follow-Me calls not signaled?



Why are follow-me calls not signaled?


An XPhone user activates Follow-Me and receives the call on his AnyDevice, but the call is not signaled in the Connect Client and is not journaled at the end of the call.

Possible solutions:

1. The "XccDiversionPattern" must be adjusted, see:

Explanation: If the Diversion header (see Wireshark Trace) is signaled with prefix or in an unsupported format, this can be corrected with a PhoneToDisplay dialing rule, but this "only" makes the AnyDevice calls themselves work again.

Since the signaling works on a different level, the adjustment of the XccDiversionPattern is required.

2. If the parameter "XccGatewayInPrefix" is used, see: and the E.164 number is signaled with the prefix (+49...99123) in the To header (in the Wireshark trace), the parameter "XccToHeaderFormat" must be set with the value 1 in the Advanced settings of the SIP gateway.

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