Why can't I see or configure parts of my Connect Client?



When the XPhone Connect Client is started, it connects to the XPhone Connect Server, but the profile picture, presence display, Outlook Integration or just one of these items is missing. When trying to save changed settings, e.g. hotkeys, an error message appears.

Often (but not always) this is related to altered (changed) user profile paths (AppData).


Aforementioned error is due to missing user privileges. The respective user must have full access rights to his AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local directories.

Specifically, the following must be checked:

1. The user needs all rights of the release. This must be checked on the server that provides the share settings. All rights (full access, change and read) must be activated:

Bild 1

In addition, the user must have full permissions to the file "user.config" in the following directories:

  • AppData\Roaming\C4B_Com_For_Business_AG\C4B.XPhone.Commander.exe_Url_<ID>\<Version>
  • AppData\Local\C4B_Com_For_Business_AG\C4B.XPhone.Commander.exe_Url_<ID>\<Version>

Bild 2

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