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Why do I not receive any search results in XPhone Connect Client?


The misbehavior can be roughly divided into two different error causes, accordingly both cause and solution of both scenarios are explained in the following article.

1. Misbehavior

No search hits are displayed in the Connect Client across data sources.


Before performing the resolution actions, first check if the "correct" misbehavior is present, otherwise the resolution will not be successful. To do this, check whether the following services are started:


As long as these two services are stopped or not running at all (like on the screenshot), the "correct" misbehavior is present. If you start them manually via right-click > "start", you should get an error message regarding a rights problem.


The reason for the misbehavior are missing permissions of the services account, which starts these services through our routine. Check via right-click > "Properties" > "Log On" which service account is used and then adjust the permissions/use another service account that has the required permissions.


If necessary, the Local System Account can also be used as shown in the screenshot, provided it has the correct rights.

Then save the configuration and restart the entire server machine. With the restart, the problem should be solved, as the relevant services can now be started by XPhone.

2. Misbehavior (multiple error patterns can occur here)

  • No search results are delivered from a specific data source
  • Search hits are returned that should not be displayed
  • Duplicate (triple, quadruple, etc.) hits are returned for the same contact from the same data source

Attention: a contact can of course occur in different data sources and thus be displayed more than once as search hits, if this is not desired, the following KB article provides a remedy: However, the error here refers to multiple contacts found in the same data source


  • The database field of the entry ID is mapped incorrectly / not at all in the directory.
  • The entry ID is not filled in the directory mapping or has the same value for different contacts (Important: The entry ID must be unique!).

Note: You can check the uniqueness by opening the mapping of the affected data source (see following screenshot) or by searching for the field pointing to the entry ID in the original data source.



Depending on the behavior, different measures help here.

  • Incorrect/multiple search hits > The uniqueness of the selected data source field must be checked here, since currently no or duplicate values are delivered in various contacts for the entry ID.
  • No search hits > Entry ID is possibly not mapped, this must be made up for.

Important: After adjustment, the indexing of the data source must be triggered again so that the index is rebuilt with the changes. Afterwards, the search in the client should be possible again / no duplicates of the same data source should appear.


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