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How can I customize the XPhone Client Setup for an MSI rollout?


How can I customize the XPhone Connect Client setup for the rollout? 

  • Copy the XPhone Connect setup to a directory in which the logged in user has write permissions. 
  • Note that for the "XPhone Connect Client" setup, the setup files for 32-bit operating systems are located in the Setup32 subdirectory, for 64-bit operating systems in Setup64. 
  • Open the file TweakMsi.exe with the right mouse button > "Run as administrator...". This file can be found under [...]Software\Clients\Setup32\ or [...]Software\Clients\Setup64\.
  • Select the Modify MSI Features checkbox to select or deselect features for installation. Select the desired feature and select YES or NO in the lower area. The AUTO value is only relevant for Outlook or Notes integration (CTI or Unified Messaging), since the setup automatically detects whether Microsoft Outlook and/or Lotus Notes is present on the operating system and installs/does not install the respective integration. 
  • Activate the checkbox on the right to Modify MSI Properties and enter at C4BATLASIP the IP address or the host name of the XPhone server.
  • When you have made all the desired changes, click the Update MSI button. No response will appear. However, the modification date of the "XPhone Connect Client.msi" file indicates that the modification has been accepted.
  • You can now proceed with the roll out of the setup e.g. via group policies or other software tools.
  • Please note that you need to create a seperate rollout package for the XPhone Fax Printer driver.

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