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Why can't I see the Connect Client even though it is open according to the taskbar?



Why can't I see the Connect Client even though it is open according to the taskbar?


Changing screen constellations in connection with the Windows version and .NET Framework version can cause applications to disappear from the visible area of the screen. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved in the long run. Below you will find various workarounds that we can offer.

1st Workaround:

Click on the Connect Client in the taskbar. Now try to move the window using the Windows key and the arrow keys.

2nd Workaround:

Exit the Connect Client. Then edit the coordinates of the client manually by opening the user.config file under the following path:


Then search the file for the following section (the coordinates in the screenshot are just an example):


Then set the coordinates of WindowX and WindowY to 0:


Save the file and then launch the Connect Client.

3. Workaround:

Exit the Connect Client and delete the C4B_Com_For_Business_AG folders in AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming using the following vbs script:öscht_C4B_Com_For_Business_AG

The script must be run with admin privileges.

Caution: Deleting the user.config will delete other user specific data such as if and where the team panel was pinned. If this is not desired, then you should use the 2nd workaround.

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