Why does the message "No internal message memory configured" appear on client startup?


On the XPhone Client, the message "No internal message memory is configured for the user" appears on startup. The light on the lower right edge of the XPhone client is red or yellow (when using CTI functions)

If you want to receive voicemails and fax documents in the XPhone client, an e-mail mailbox template must be assigned to the user on the XPhone Server with the access type "internal".

All templates can be found in the XPhone Server under ORGANISATION -> TEMPLATES.  
In addition, the internal e-mail server must be activated in the SETTINGS -> E-MAIL SERVER area.

If fax documents and voicemail messages are to be delivered to an e-mail client, e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes, simply install the integration in Outlook or Lotus Notes. 

When using XPhone UC 2011: show or hide the integration of the desired functions via the workplace template. Note that after a change to the workplace template, the XPhone client, if applicable Outlook and the XPhone login icon in the SysTray (process: XpLogonUM) ) must be terminated at the same time (!).

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