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How do I connect Access databases with user management as an address book?

How can a Microsoft Access database with user administration be connected, i.e. a user ID must be specified to access the database.

Microsoft Access databases with user administration can be connected via the database type "ODBC data source" (NOT via the type Access database). For Access databases where you do not log in, select the "Access database" type. It is then not necessary to set up an ODBC data source as described below.

Procedure for connecting Microsoft Access databases with transfer of login data:

1) Create a new SYSTEM DSN in Windows under SYSTEM CONTROL -> ADMINISTRATION -> DATA SOURCES (ODBC) in the tab of the same name. Select the appropriate Microsoft Access driver here.

2) Create a new address book on the XPhone Client under EXTRAS -> ADDRESS BOOKS -> NEW ADDRESS BOOK...

3) Assign any address book name and select "an existing database is to be linked" and use the database type "ODBC data source".

4) In the window that appears, select the "Computer data source" tab and there select the ODBC data source you set up earlier. The user login will now appear. Here you can store the login.

5) Now set up the field assignment.

6) Now search specifically for a field, e.g. the name "Müller". You will get an error "Undefined function in expression Lower", now go to the registry to the key


You will find a string (Reg_SZ) named Lower on the right side. The value of Lower is also Lower. Open Lower and remove the value Lower, so do NOT delete the key Lower, only the content Lower.

7) Restart the XPhone Client. Now the targeted search e.g. for company or name should also work

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