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What are the setting options for voicemail greetings?


If subscriber A diverts to subscriber B, who in turn diverts to the voicebox: How can it be determined whether the announcement should be played by subscriber A or B?

There are two ways to configure voicebox numbers:

1. there is a central voicemail number, e.g. 1234. all subscribers redirect to this number when you want to activate your voicebox and call this number when the voicebox is to be listened to via the terminal.

To be set up in XPhone Server under UM | VOICEMAIL | GENERAL -> in the VOICEMAIL ROUTING field add e.g. 1234.

2. a prefix is set up, e.g. 99. the employee with extension 456 activates the voicebox by setting the call forwarding to 99456.

To be set up in XPhone Server under UM | VOICEMAIL | GENERAL -> the prefix, e.g. 99, must be entered in the "Prefix for automatic recognition of voicemail number for incoming calls" field.

The numbers must be configured accordingly in advance on the PBX system and the ISDN card.

When using variant 1, the redirecting number is always evaluated and the announcement of the originally called is played. The prerequisite for this is that the TC system or the CAPI interface supplies the information about the redirecting number. If this is not the case, variant 2 must be configured.

If variant 2 is used, the call number that comes after the prefix is evaluated. The announcement of the subscriber whose extension number comes after the prefix is then played.

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