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Configuration of the MWI display for new voicemails


What must be configured on the XPhone Server for the MWI (message waiting indication)?

The following points must be observed to ensure correct MWI functionality.

There are three methods for connecting the MWI functionality to the PBX. You can find them on the admin interface of the XPhone Server under SETTINGS -> UM -> VOICEMAIL -> INDICATION.

1. Connection "CAPI via code number

This variant is suitable for connection via DSS1 with a Dialogic Diva Server ISDN card. CAPI via code selects a code for activating/deactivating the MWI lamp, which is composed of three parts:

a) Prefix: This is the PBX system specific code for activation or deactivation or for "Info to:", for HiPath 3000 systems this would be *68 for activation, #68 for deactivation. Since CAPI cannot interpret digits * or #, enter the substitution. By default this is 75 for * and 76 for #. In the example given, this is 7568 and 7668 respectively.

b) Extension: Here the UM Server automatically sets the extension number of the subscriber for whom the LED is to be activated or deactivated on the terminal. No input is necessary.

c) Post-dial: Here you can enter a post-dial; for HiPath 3000 systems, for example, you can enter the text that is to be shown on the display when the LED is activated. The texts for HiPath 3000 systems may have to be adapted accordingly on the PBX; the digits 0 to 9 are possible. When deactivating, no post-dialing is required for HiPath 3000 systems.

2. Connection via "CAPI Suppl. Services":

When using the QSIG protocol with the released Dialogic Diva Server cards, this variant must be used. CAPI Suppl. Services activates or deactivates MWI via the function provided by CAPI 2.0. ISDN card and PBX must support this variant. No further settings have to be made.

3. CTI interface

This interface is used for Siemens HiPath 3000, Unify OpenScape Office and Unify OpenScape Business systems with XCAPI connection. In this case, be sure to observe the MWI chapter in the XCAPI documentation on the Inistallation DVD under SERVER\DOC\UM INTEGRATION.

Note: In all cases, enter the voicemail number in the "Voicemail messages" template in the "Voicemail port" field in XPhone Server under ORGANIZATION -> PREFERENCES that was also defined as the central forwarding destination under UM -> VOICEMAIL -> GENERAL. This number will be used as the send number.

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