Can short voicemail recordings be ignored?


You can set specific values in the UM Settings in the XPhone Server web interface in order to achieve the desired behaviour.

Navigate to "UM > Voicemail > General > Advanced Settings" and add the following two values:

Value: X
This value dictates new recorded voicemails to have the length of at least X seconds in order to count as a "recorded voicemail". Otherwise the voicemail won't be recorded and be set as "Did not leave a message".

Value: 1
This value causes voicemails, where the participant didn't leave a message (or a message that's too short, see the value above), to not be saved in the inbox. It also does not need to be deleted via the user's voicemail.

Disclaimer: The Toast and a Journal entry will be displayed even if one (or both) of the called values applies. The call still counts as a "Call", which causes the Toast and the Journal entry to appear.

After setting these values save and restart the UM Settings and Services.

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