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Why is there an IP address in the subject of a fax or voicemail message?


If a fax or voicemail is sent to a user by e-mail from the XPhone Server, it will say, for example, in the subject: Voice message from Tel. 10*10*0*100 [Voice].

To correct this display, first stop all UM services in XPhone Server under System settings or Settings > UM > Services. Make sure that the option "Automatically restart terminated services" is not activated during the change of the XCAPI configuration described below.

Now open the XCAPI configuration and select the expert view (F8). Open in the menu navigation CONTROLLER and there the created controller -> CALL NUMBER FILTER -> here the tab "Call numbers from network". By deleting the complete entry "IP V4 (separator)" you cause that the IP address is not passed on any more.

Save the setting in the XCAPI configuration and then restart the previously terminated UM services in XPhone Server. We recommend reactivating the "Automatically restart terminated services" option.

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