Why does the XPhone TAPI Service Provider signales phone numbers not as expected to a application?


Dialling parameters for XPhone TAPI Service Provider

An application uses a TAPI line provided by the XPhone TAPI Service provider. The numbers obviously are not signaled in the expected format, so no Popus are created by the application. In other cases it phone numbers are not dialed correctly (e.g. without the prefix for external lines).

XPhone TAPI Service Provider uses settings, which would also be valid for other TAPI Service Provider per default. You can configure the use of a prefix for external lines (usually 0) under TELEPHONE AND MODEM in your operating system's control panel.

Should all dialling settings apply that apply to the used lines on the XPhone Server, you can configure this with the XPhone TAPI Service Provider installed on your client pc. Open the "XPhone TAPI Configuration". Choose from the list of desired providers and click on "Configure". Activate the option:

"Dialling parameter"

-> "Use for dialled phone numbers"


-> "Use for displayed phone numbers"

Note that all settings and dialling rules belonging to the used (TAPI-) line will now be applied.

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