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Why does the line in the XPhone Client not go online (IPv6)?


The line in the XPhone Client does not go online. The logon icon on the XPhone Client (icon in the SysTray) is connected. IPv6 addresses are used in the network. The XPhone Server may also have several network cards (including tunnel adapters).

Open the program directory of XPhone Server, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\XPhone Server and open the file atlas.xml with a text editor.

Go to the very end and add the following text before </configuration>:

<telephony ClientEventIPAddress="">

<ClientEventConnects> <ClientEventConnect IPAddress="" port="2240" />



In this exampl the telephony is bound to, enter the used IP address of the XPhone server here!

After saving the entry, restart the "XPhone Server" service.

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