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Why are too many line licenses charged for the HiPath 4000 connection?


CSTA direct or CAP server


1. If internal subscriber A calls subscriber B, the XPhone Server determines the line status of subscriber A. This happens regardless of whether subscriber A is an XPhone Server user or not. This happens regardless of whether subscriber A is an XPhone Server user or not. I.e. line monitoring is performed for all connection subscribers who want to establish an internal connection.

2. The reason for this behavior is that XPhone can indicate to subscriber B whether subscriber A has a call on hold. Whether this information is then displayed on subscriber B's client depends on the rights relationship subscriber B has with subscriber A (team roles!). If subscriber A is not an XPhone Server user, there is no rights relationship and nothing is displayed. 

3. if the customer wants to use the feature "Display of external waiting when connecting" (see 2.), the corresponding monitor points (usage licenses) have to be licensed.


There is a way to disable the feature "Display caller on hold when reconnecting" for all, and thus prevent too many licenses from being charged in the CAP server or for the 100-devices license.

To do this, open the properties of the created PBX node in the XPhone Server administration interface (CTI > PBX > FESTNETZ). Edit the entry "Default" under "Parameter sets for lines (advanced settings)".

In the lower area "Advanced settings" add a new parameter called CallInfosExternal, which you have to enter manually. Set the value to 524384

Save the settings three times until you are back in the list of all PBX nodes.

Now select the PBX and click on DIAGNOSE. Now select the button "Restart PBX connection".

The setting is now valid.

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