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Why is no connection established to the HiPath 3000 via CSTA?


Despite correct settings, the XPhone Server cannot establish a connection to the HiPath 3000 via CSTA. The PBX is displayed as "Not connected".

First make sure that the IP address of the HiPath 3000 and not the HG 1500 has been specified in the PBX node.

The HiPath 3000 supports only a limited number of concurrent CSTA sessions. Check whether too many CSTA sessions have already been established, e.g. by a TAPI 120.

In addition, check whether the CSTA firewall has been activated in the HiPath 3000. If this is the case, no CSTA session can be established. In this case, release the IP address of the XPhone server in the HiPath 3000 firewall.

You can also verify the behavior via the CSTA browser provided by Siemens.

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