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Why are internal phone numbers of a HiPath 3000 not displayed in the XPhone Client?


The phone number of internal callers from are only displayed with three dots on the XPhone Client, i.e. identical to calls with suppressed phone number. On the end device, the internal call numbers are displayed correctly.

This is a misbehavior of the automatic trunk filter. This behavior occurs primarily with call numbers that begin with a 7, since trunks of HiPath systems usually also begin with 7.

Call numbers 7xxx are filtered because they are detected by the automatic trunk detection.

This can be remedied by manually entering the trunk filter in XPhone Server.

To do this, open the corresponding PBX node on the XPhone Server and add an option called "FilterNumbers" in ADVANCED SETTINGS.

Assuming the trunks

43001 - 43499

are used, the following regular expression would be appropriate: ^43...$

Upon request, we can provide you with the appropriate regular expression after specifying the trunk numbers. Please refer to this article when requesting.

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