XPhone Connect: What ports are being used (Firewall)?


Exceptions in the Firewall for XPhone Connect (but not XCAPI!) are configured right after the installation of the XPhone Connect Server or XPhone Connect Client. Check, if needed, if the following Ports are blocked by other used Firewalls.

General / Connect Directory
Communication XPhone Connect Client and XPhone Connect Server: 2230 TCP
XPhone Connect Directory communication XPhone Connect Client / XPhone Connect Directory (in and outbound): 2220 TCP
XPhone Connect Directory communication between XPhone Connect Client / XPhone Connect Server over LDAP: 389 TCP (or configured ports of the Client Interfaces)
Connect Directory: Client interfaces type „AppLink“: 2250 and 3350 TCP

Fax / Voicemail:
Voicemail player between XPhone Connect Client and Server: 2528 TCP
IMAP (XPhone Connect Client / XPhone Connect Server in and outbound): 2511 TCP
SMTP-Zugriff from XPhone Connect Server to extern E-Mail-Server: 25 TCP
IMAP-Zugriff from XPhone Connect Server to extern E-Mail-Server: 143 TCP

Active Directory (Connector):
LDAP-Access: 389 TCP | Global Catalog Server Access: 3268 TCP

XCAPI and XPhone Call Controller (XCC)
SIP communication (XCAPI and XCC): 5060 UDP (for XCAPI eventually TCP)
SIP communication XCC (RTP): 30000 to 33000 UDP (changeable)
Further information (e.g. for operating XCAPI in a DMZ) are found in the Technote "XCAPI and Firewalls" from the XCAPI developer TE-Systems

XPhone Mobile
Use of Push Notifications, outgoing internet connections from the XPhone Connect Server to the ports 80, 443, 2195 and 2196 TCP

In addition to the aforementioned ports for communication between XPhone Connect DMZ Server (site) and XPhone Connect CTI / UM Server: 2230 TCP

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