Why can't the XPhone UM sending services (SMTP, Fax, SMS) be accessed?


After a (re)start of the XPhone Server service or the servermachine the UM services "SMTP shipping" (SMTPTransmitter), "Fax shipping" (Mail2Fax) and "SMS shipping" (Mail2SMS) won't start anymore.

1. Check on the XPhone Server settings of the used networkadapter the additional arranged IP addresses. The IP addresses need to be clear and are not allowed to be used by another service or device in the network.

2. Check on the administrationsurface if the UM services are set with the corresponding IP address. Those services need their own IP address respectively.  

3. Check if the Windows service "Simple Mail Transfer Protocl" is available  and which port is being used whiile operating. Change the port or close and deactivate the service "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" if it isnt used.

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