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How can I prevent external access to the XPhone admin interface?


To be able to use the XPhone Connect Mobile App from the Internet, the XPhone Connect web pages must be released via a DMZ or a reverse proxy. How can I restrict access to the Mobile App page from outside and prevent access to the admin interface?

Configuration settings can be made in IIS for this purpose.

Step 1) Adding the IIS feature

Install the server role IP and domain restrictions via Windows Server Manager on the XPhone Server machine.


Step 2) Open the IIS Manager

Select the Admin page and open the restrictions for IP addresses and domains.


Step 3) Configure the rules as well as access restriction

Add these rules via Right Click > Add Permission Entry.... Add. If necessary, adjust the IP address range of the first rule to the customer's IP environment.


Stay on the same page and now deny access to all users outside of these rules by clicking Edit Feature Settings... on the right. on the right and configure the settings as follows.


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