How can I connect more than one Avaya IP Office via TAPI?


XPhone is able to manage any number of PBXs on an XPhone Connect Server. The restriction here is on the Avaya IP Office page. The IP Office TAPI Service Provider can only connect one (!) IP Office. As far as we know, it is not possible to install several instances of the TAPI Service Provider of the IP Office on one Windows server. For this reason, only one IP Office can be connected to an XPhone Connect Server by default. There is a workaround for this.

This challenge can be solved the following way:

* x (where x is the number of PBXs) XPhone Connect Server is installed as a "satellite server". These work as TAPI servers, i.e. an Avaya IP Office TAPI is installed there, which connects to an IP Office. On the XPhone Connect Server, which is also installed, only the TAPI connection is configured as the telephony gateway and the lines are created. No users need to be configured here. The TAPI node must be activated via TELEPHONE > TAPI.

* There is also an XPhone Connect Server that functions as the "main server", i.e. all Connect Clients connect to this server. This server also runs an Avaya IP Office TAPI, which is connected to one of the IP Office systems. In addition, the XPhone Connect TSP Client is installed on this server, which establishes x instances (connections) on the x satellite servers (connection mode: Server application – "System lines only") and "collects" all TAPI lines of the x locations. All lines can then be made available via a telephony gateway on the main iPhone Connect Server. All users are also created here.

We are not aware of any other connection options: If necessary, only Avaya can answer whether several systems can now be switched on via a central node on the Avaya IP Office TSP.

Note: The "satellite servers" require licenses. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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