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How can I manage users, which have first been created by a Text-Connector, with an AD-Connector?


You created users in your XPhone Connect server with a Text-Connector, and now you want to continue to manage them with an AD-Connector. How can you achieve this?

The following requirements must be met before you can manage users, which have been created by a Text-Connector, with an AD-Connector.

1. SID as ID

In the CSV-file of the Text-Connector there is a field called "ID" – in this field you need to enter the SID of the user from the Active Directory.



Hint: You can find the SID of a user in the Windows PowerShell with the command "Get-ADUser <Kürzel des AD-Users>"


> Get-ADUser john.doe

DistinguishedName : CN=John Doe,OU=Training,DC=ab,DC=examplenet,DC=en
Enabled : True
GivenName : John
Name : John Doe
ObjectClass : user
ObjectGUID : 987654a3-210b-1234-5678-91011abc123a
SamAccountName : john.doe
SID : S-1-2-34-5678910111-2131415161-718192021-22232
Surname : Doe
UserPrincipalName :

2. Configuration of the AD-Connector

After the users were created by a Text-Connector with their respective SIDs, they can now be managed by an AD-Connector. If the users were assigned a "Dynamic Line" with the Text-Connector, you need to check the option "Only once when setting up a user" in the AD-Connector. This option ensures that the Connector doesn't change the line settings. If this is not set, the AD-Connector will assign the user the line option "Master Data".


3. Linking of line and pc name

To ensure that the dynamic assignment of lines works, you need to link all lines which are used for the dynamic assignment with their respective pc names. If a line is deleted, their assignment to the pc name will also be deleted. Lest the connector deletes any lines, you need to uncheck the option "Remove lines which are no longer entered with users as phone numbers". 


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