Why does the user assignment of lines through the connector not work?


In the Active Directory or Text Connector it has been set that lines should be automatically assigned to the user and, if not available, newly created. 

If the connector is run after configuration is complete, the users are created, but the line is not assigned to the user and is not created in the TELEPHONY -> LINES section.

The connector can only create lines if it can be uniquely assigned to a created PBX. 

The following constellations are affected: 

  • If there are two or more PBX nodes that use the same dialling parameter (outside line header), the connector cannot uniquely assign the lines to the PBX.

    Solution: Manually creat the lines before the connector is running. This can either be done by manually creating the lines or you can use the "Generate lines" function in the PBX section. After the lines have been created and thus have been assigned to the PBX, the connector can assign the lines to the users. 

  • If there is more than one PBX node with different dialling parameters (trunks), however, in the connector source (Active Directory, text file) the telephone numbers are only entered with the extension number. In this case, the connector cannot uniquely assign the extension numbers to the PBX node either.

    : Enter phone numbers with area code and main phone number. No canonical format needs to be observed. All common call number formats are permitted.

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