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What log files are needed when there is a problem with UM functions?


What log files are needed for analysis if there is a problem with fax, voicemail or text messaging functions or the messages do not reach the recipient?

In order to carry out a detailed analysis, first check the System Settings or Settings > Logging > UM Services on the XPhone Server to determine whether the log level is set to TROUBLESHOOTING. If the log level needed to be changed, go to the System Settings or Settings > UM > Services area and restart all marked services.

Open System Settings or Settings > UM > Services on the XPhone Server and click on "Logging" below any service, e.g. "Voicemail". Now click on the button "Delete Log Files". Close the log window and click "Finish All", when all services are marked red, click "Start All" again.

Now reproduce the error. Then click on the "Logging" area below any service and select "Download Log Files". Save the ZIP file locally and send the saved file to Send us a detailed description with all the numbers involved and the sequence of the incident.

If you are using XCAPI as an interface, use the XCAPI XTEST tool to test whether the problem also occurs there. If this is the case, activate the trace via the XCAPI configuration. Reproduce the incident with XCAPI XTEST and then end the trace in the XCAPI configuration. Create a ZIP archive from the XCT file and send it to us in addition to the UM logs with a detailed error description.

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