Will users, created by a connector, be deleted if they are no longer present in the source?


Will users, created by an AD- or Text-Connector, be deleted if they are no longer present in the source? Every connector has built-in security mechanisms. A user added by a connector gets deleted after the connector runs three times without finding the user in the source database.

If the administrator wants to be informed of this and similar actions via mail, you can enable the notification as follows:

Navigate in the XPhone Server administration interface to LOGGING -> MODULES -> CONNECTORS, select a category you want to be informed about and click on PROPERTIES above.

Change the LOG SOURCE to "E-mail" and the LOG LEVEL to ALERTS.

Configure an available SMTP server in the lower area of the page by clicking on the pen symbol left to "SMTPServer" and add the e-mail address of your administrator for the MAILADRESS parameter. The administrator will now be informed for the configured category.

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