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What do the colors of the lines in XPhone Connect Server mean?


Question: What do the colors of the lines in XPhone Connect Server mean?


  • Green = The line is functional and is assigned to a user
  • Grey = The status of the line is unknown. Since lines are only opened if they have been assigned to a user, unassigned lines remain gray. However, this does not necessarily mean that these lines do not work. 
  • Blue = Lines that are displayed in blue are lines that are currently not in use, but may be dynamically assigned to users. For more information on "dynamic line assignment", please read the following knowledgebase article:
  • Red X/ Red = These lines cannot be monitored. Either the corresponding phone number does not exist on the PBX and cannot be monitored by CSTA or TAPI or it is an IP phone that is currently not in the network.


If you move the mouse pointer over the icons, you will receive a status message in the tooltip. In the event of an error, it provides further information about the line status


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