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Dynamic lines with the AD connector



A few enhancements have been programmed for the AD connector to better support the creation of Dynamic Lines.
There are the following options:
  • Users without (or with empty) AD attribute "telephoneNumber" get a Dynamic Line, either on every connector run or only when a new user is created.
  • All users created by the connector always get a Dynamic Line
  • A user attribute in AD controls the type of line creation (per connector)

The new options are not accessible via the web administration, but must be controlled via the configuration file "DCAD-Template.DCX".


It is not intended to modify already created AD connectors.
Instead, you create a new AD connector in two steps:

  1. Editing the file "DCAD-Template.DCX" in the XPhone Server program directory.
  2. Create a new AD connector in the web interface

Control via additional flag

In the file "DCAD-Template.DCX" you can find quite at the end this line:

<ACSAD-033 />

This is a special flag to control the line type "Dynamic line". By default this flag is not set.
The flag can take the following values:


XPhone users are assigned the Dynamic line type if ...
1 ... they do not have an AD attribute "telephoneNumber" or the attribute is empty.
2 ... (1) applies and the XPhone user is created for the first time.
3 ... the connector is running. So always, no matter if he has a phone number in AD or not.

Control via AD attribute

In the file "DCAD-Template.DCX" you can find this new section:

<Source>AD attribute goes here</Source>

The placeholder text highlighted in orange must be replaced with the name of a valid AD attribute. The attribute is evaluated per user and may contain one of the following values (string):

0   For the user, the type "No line" is assigned.
1   The type "Master data line" is assigned for the user.
2   The type "Other line" is assigned for the user.
3   The type "Dynamic line" is assigned for the user.

The type is set regardless of whether the user has entered a phone number in AD or not (attribute "telephoneNumber").

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